Grilled Greek Chicken Recipe

If you’re looking for a tender, juicy and flavorful all in one delicious bite, you’ll LOVE this Grilled Greek Chicken Recipe!
Without a doubt, this is a must-make Greek-inspired marinade you won’t soon forget. With plenty of lemon juice, fresh herbs, silky olive oil and tons of garlic, this yogurt-based marinade infuses all your favorite chicken pieces with the intense Greek flavors we love. You can use this marinade to make grilled Greek chicken skewers with onions and peppers, or grill whole boneless breasts and thighs. You can even use this marinade for our slow Oven Roasted Greek Chicken Breasts recipe too. Choose your favorite chicken pieces and your favorite cooking method and start marinating!

Grilled Greek chicken skewers cook quickly making them great for entertaining.

Skewers are a great choice for casual get-togethers on the weekend. These chicken bites are marinated for up to 24 hours so all the prep work is done well in advance. A few hours before grilling thread the chicken and vegetables onto skewers. Place them on a small sheet pan, cover and refrigerate until ready to grill. The chicken cooks quickly so nobody has to wait too long for dinner to be served. These delicious bites of chicken are also great as a heavy appetizer, or a small plate dinner party. Mix it up with green or yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and plenty of onion. Onions are so sweet when grilled, so they’re usually a favorite with guests.

One of my favorite ways to serve these grilled Greek chicken skewers is on fresh homemade Whole Wheat Pita Bread.

Whether you fold the pita-like a sandwich or enjoy it pizza style, you’ll find the combination of flavors and textures enticing. Layered with a little fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes, and red onion, our Grilled Greek Chicken Recipe is a blank canvas for your next Greek party. Try drizzling each pita sandwich with Tzatziki or a simple yogurt lemon sauce for a nice acidic bite. Crumbled Feta cheese, Kalamata olives and a smear of hummus are all great additions to this fantastic creation too.

Make this Grilled Greek Chicken Recipe part of your next Greek-inspired dinner party and enjoy compliments from all your happy guests! For starters, assemble our easy Greek Layered Hummus Dip and serve with homemade pita chips made from our Whole Wheat Pita Recipe. A crispy and fresh Greek Salad is always a welcome addition to any meal. Enjoy!

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Grilling Essentials – our favorite SKEWER!

Wooden skewers are great, especially for big parties or groups. However, when grilling for the family I prefer these stainless steel skewers. You won’t have to worry about soaking the wooden skewers or worry that the wood will burn before the meat is cooked. They have a flat, wide, smooth metal surface making it easy to slide food on and off. The flat surface helps keep the food from rotating on the skewer and turn easily for even cooking on all sides. And, they’re very inexpensive! Click on the photo for more information.

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For the marinade:

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (use full-fat yogurt for best results)
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
zest of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons fresh oregano leaves, chopped (or 2 teaspoons dried)
1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, or 1 teaspoon dried
6 medium garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon Kosher salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

For the skewers:

3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 2-inch pieces for skewers
1 large red bell pepper, seeded and cut into 1 1/2-inch cube
1 medium red onion, cut into 1 1/2-inch cube
6-8 skewers (if using wooden skewers soak in water for 30-minutes before grilling)


Combine all the marinade ingredients in a large ziplock bag. Seal and massage the bag to combine all the ingredients.
Add the chicken to the bag turning to coat. Marinate for 4-24 hours. Turn the bag a few times while marinating.
Preheat gas grill to 400F.
Pour the marinated chicken pieces into a large strainer to remove the excess marinade. Thread chicken pieces onto the skewers alternating with peppers and onions. Grill until the chicken is cooked through, about 4 minutes on each side or until juices run clear.

Recipe Notes

Marinade works great for any kind of chicken pieces from whole boneless, skinless to bone-in thighs and legs. Adjust grilling time to allow for larger pieces.

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