FEMINISM & SEXUAL THIRST: It is an admitted fact that power of men over women both economically and socially really have grim effect over sexual relationships; to speak in general terms, female enjoy less grip in sexual encounters as compared to men partners being subjected to a double standard of sexual behavior favoring the males. Read more about FEMINISM & SEXUAL THIRST[…]


PORNOGRAPHIC CRAZE & CURE: The creator has legalized many things for His creature among those one is sexual thirst. No doubt, it is the birth right of every human being conditionally a legal one. During this epoch, there are multiple mediums inspiring stimulus for sex amongest the youth particularly. In other words, we can say Read more about PORNOGRAPHIC CRAZE & CURE:[…]


FEMINISM & SEX & PRECAUTIONS: Reproduction array of races necessitates for every living organism to breed more and more to expand its fellow-beings. It’s a natural phenomena to do so because when we see any of the creatures, they are bent upon coupling so as to add to their generation. But same time, we should Read more about FEMINISM & SEX & PRECAUTIONS:[…]


FEMINISM & HEALTH CARE TIPS. The very logic of health no matter among men or women, is an ancient companion of human beings on which there scatter multiple wise dictum’s one among which is “Health is a gift blessed once and same time if lost, life seems to be in a flop. Again to mention Read more about FEMINISM & HEALTH CARE TIPS.[…]

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