It is an admitted fact that power of men over women both economically and socially really
have grim effect over sexual relationships; to speak in general terms, female enjoy less
grip in sexual encounters as compared to men partners being subjected to a double standard
of sexual behavior favoring the males. The feminists term such a behavior an oppression of
women. According to this expert opinion the sexuality is at the heart of men domination; being
seen as a key method of patriarchal control. In a patriarchy, female also lose the basic right
of their sexual thirst. Feminism & sexual thirst is an article that recommends the snatched
rights of female members of family.

As we enjoy the right of eating, drinking, reading and playing, we also do have right of sexual
thirst quenching. For a mature mind, doubtlessly, to quench sexual thirst is a primary requirement for which he/she has to look for variety of channels and sometime run after the beauty of opposite
sex. Like the thirst of water and food this is one of the main factors that needs to be
met while both a male/female is grown-up.


Here, we can say the societies matter according to the availability of the stuff needed. In Europe we find a wide scope of quenching this thirst because of sexual freedom there but as compared to other societies it is a little bit or little prohibited. As far feminism & sexual thirst is concerned, its tendency is found more seriously. To do male sex one is free to do so in proportion to their social set up while in the prohibited set-ups, its proportion is limited or absolutely unavailable. Here
especially, the feminism & sexual thirst remains either hardly-met of unmet so under such
a situation, feminism & sexual thirst faces problems and pressures and also sometime unfair
means are used or the feminism & sexual thirst rest either enjoyed or thirsty for ever that
leads to developing multiple psychological, physical, physiological and mental diseases.


By virtue of this article, we would try our best to suggest some of the best solutions for our
dear readers.

When we talk about feminism, a very delicate corner develops in our mind. And when these two
terms, feminism & sexual thirst, are mingled other, naturally an even more delicate corner
develops, therefore, feminism & sexual thirst is a key word that extends its scope beyond not
only to sex but to more than that we should know. However, in terms of sex a woman is hated
almost in every society whether a a sex-free or sex-prohibited but human rights charter gives
the equal significant to both of them. Same time with reference to female sex, it goes somewhat

beyond the limits. if feminism & sexual thirst are departed with each other, we find the woman
and their sexual thirst. Thus, we are discussing here the female sex only. But meanwhile it
is also admitted that feminism and sexual thirst can’t be parted with each other. Even in the
states where there lie stern laws – Islamic countries and others – this hunger is even then
met by unfair means. This reality signifies the importance of this natural requirement more


How to do sex with women?

As already described with reference to the delicacy of female it is very care-taking issue to
do so. To use them like animals, is not recommended though in some states it is legalized or
medically allowed. Same time we doing so we should keep in mind there there are several formalities
before embarking upon this mission and that have to be met under all circumstances at both sides
of the players. The most important ones are:

– A bilateral consent should stand there while starting the mission.

– The site and space where to do the mission should be hygienically recommended and
medically ensured.

– Temperature should be normal so as to wetting or sweating.

– Before practically entering into the mission of cooling the thirst, atmosphere be
ensured to be quite free and frank.

– No hindrance from in and outside should be allowed at coupling.

– Natural power should be displayed instead of seeking support from medicines
– Bodily cleanliness should be guaranteed.

– Stimulation on both the sides is mandatory.

– First, romance is the trick to stimulate both sides.

– Avoid rushy ways and quick means




The precautions suggested if not applied, the couple may develop lot of diseases that may
lead to absolute sexual disability or cause unfitness in inter-course.

Mediums of real amusement:

– Power of parental suckling is a natural or real power and if it has been preserved till naturally at both sides,

such type of cross particularly in Feminism & sexual thirst is an exact and genuine enjoyment.

– Application of natural ways give more enjoyment while doing sex.

– Pauses after trips is a wise strategy that extends timings.

– Enlargement of penis and congestion of virginal is the best source of enjoyment.

– Herbal medicines may prove more helpful in extending time and enjoyment.

– Elopayhic formulas though being a sure way of enjoyment, suffers from some doubts.

– Unnecessary sucking, licking and rubbing may cause sexual weakness.

– Masturbation during inter-course may also be harmful for female sex.

– Tightness of virginal and enlargement of gentle may become real source of enjoyment.



It is an expert opinion that the larger the penis the happier the both side but it is
most essential to get a female sexually satisfied and in absence of this, she may lose
her health, lose her attraction, lose her interest and eventually lose her mental approach.
For reproducing female, it is essential to avoid tough sexual inter-course rather they should
observe conventional means as they have be bread and feed generation. Every male member

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