The creator has legalized many things for His creature among those one is sexual thirst.
No doubt, it is the birth right of every human being conditionally a legal one. During
this epoch, there are multiple mediums inspiring stimulus for sex amongest the youth particularly.
In other words, we can say the pornographic craze has become a crusade which has stretched
its dimensions the world over. Only today at least 95% of youth has pornographic craze in
one or the other way.


Even the middle-aged are becoming a short prey to it. We can say it has taken place of an
addiction. The attracted youth without knowing its effects on health and mind access to it.
It is a curse of technology and a product of sinister mind. It has taken place as a business
today. Pornographic industry is bring in the profit of million or trillions of dollars daily.
Comparing turn-over of a specific arena of an advanced society like USA, UK, France sports and so on, this industry is earning many times more than any other.

Pornographic craze is a deliberately-developed taste to make money. We due to pornographic craze waste previous time, energy and wealth unnecessarily. Some of the grim effects are described
below for the cure of pornographic craze:


After-effects of Phonographic Craze:

– The pornographic craze leaves the biggest effect on the mind of the crazy-ones that they
turn to quench their thirst by making sex with innocent kids causing their death in a
brutal way.

– The habitual ones has lost their spiritual feelings. In other words, they become wild.

– They waste their previous time and money in enjoying this for longer hours.
– They lose their mental power and thinking ability.

– They confine them to a specific thought that when they get time and turn to watch to quinch
their pornographic craze.


– They are left for neither religion nor the world.

РWhen they watch young male or female doing sex with different sources, this arouses their
pornographic craze leaving variety of prints on the mind.

– Socially they look insane.

Cure to the Pornographic Craze:

Pornographic craze is incurable calamity but some spiritual ways can treat them if adopted.
-Being Muslim we should turn to meditation offering prayers and attaching to the creator.
-We should diver attention from pornographic craze by doing some other activities.
-Adoption of sports and games is one of the best strategies.

-More involvement in social and conventional functions
-Promising with own self not to turn to porn business again.
-Reviving confidence of hating the pornographic craze.

This nuisance has engulfed the four corners of the glob which needs to be besieged immediately and
if let go, the consequences seem to be far more than what can be thought of. Modern technology

is playing pivotal role in promoting and sharing one another throughout the world then
why not it can devise otherwise ways to catch out pornographic craze among the youth of
today. The world as a whole is responsible for it so efforts at global level be launched
to nullify this craze.

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