The very logic of health no matter among men or women, is an ancient companion of human beings on
which there scatter multiple wise dictum’s one among which is “Health is a gift blessed once and
same time if lost, life seems to be in a flop. Again to mention a wise saying “If wealth is lost
none is wasted but to the contrary if health is wasted everything is wasted”

From the above philosophy it is quite evident that one should take special care of health upkeep.
On the other hand, if our mothers are fit from health viewpoint, we see no reason why we are not
able to produce a healthy society/nation.


1- The water is one of the most precious gift that plays a big role in structuring everything so
immediate at wakening early in the morning, one or two glass of it are necessary to take in in
empty stomach.

2- Light physical exercise is taken for an hour or so.

3- Exactly after half an hour of it, a light break fast containing vitamins and proteins be taken.

4- Then lunch should be had with strong food avoiding sugary ingredients in them. However, some
fruit and hot drinks be let to be taken in the end.

5- Particularly, at evening some gym be joined where heavy muscular exercises are needed to keep
up female health.


6- Fatty and heavy intakes be avoided as they though give strength but deshape bodily structure.

7- Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining your health so naturally defined
sleeping hours should be met in your life to keep a body cute.

8- Extra focus or concentration should not be exercised while working on your table.

9- An extra usage of cosmetics should also be ignored that artificialize your body and face.

10- Work in working time and rest in resting time.

11- Keep away of the tension creating activities.

12- Business is also a big strategy for the maintenance of health. So avoid indulging unwanted

13- Least Alcoholic use also helps maintain body.

The above health tips, though not comprehensive, but will go a long way in the upkeep of female
health. Practicing these health tips is so simple a task that everyone can afford to execute. However,
steroids or supplements are no way to keep up one’s health particularly a female health.
Drugs are the severe enemy of health and particularly during practicing the above health tips, so
there should be no place for such gigantic foes.

These health tips have gone a long way in maintaining lady health even till old age of all the adheres.
The above thirteen health tips ensure bloom and groom of feminism taking proper care of health.
Health also needs to be symmetrized at the same time and the above health tips are an instrument acting
upon which, we can carry forward a robust and disease-free health as well.

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