buy sell your skrill funds now in Pakistan


We the deal in money transaction through skrill bank, a means of assured transaction security. The skrill is used almost by all who deal in international money transaction. Being an easiest and surest means, skrill ensures to transact money transaction for online Forex trading, online gambling, online shopping and multiple purposes. We buy and sell skrill funds online. Here’s the way we transact skrill funds:-


As we transact any amount of skrill online, you are supposed to deposit the amount you actually want to sell and within the next 24 hours, you will get this amount PKR in your to youe bank account.

How a client will sell skrill to us? You have a specific form to be found in our given website that you will have to fill in each details and finally submit to us to take action at this end. However, after successful submission, you have our contact numbers at our site where you can dial us for quick and easy transfer of such funds. All formalities in the form will be fulfilled so that it becomes easier for us to proceed further with your funds transfer order.


Similar to selling skrill funds, we provide service for buying skrill funds for which you have to provide us your account enabling us to transfer the funds to your account. However, online international baking fee you will have to bear to be deducted from your funds to be submitted to us.
You will have a form in our website for the purpose which you will fill in each section carefully. After the submission of this form formalities in which duly filled in coupled with the funds to be intimated to you after duly converted under current rate etc. you will be able to get PKR amount within 24 hours of such submission etc.


We the xellenttraders ensure your money transaction online quite safe and sound. We have been dealing in this trade for years now and have multiple competitors who are praise our service individuality in the international money transaction market. Ours is a service 24-hours at your disposal to serve and its credibility is an established one in the market.
Meantime, to try this credibility is a precondition. You will find our services quite compatible to what we claim. We don’t compromise on the entire satisfaction of our worthy clients. This criterion earns us a heavy clientele on alongside traffic on our website. is a recognized name duly search engine optimized we a client does never has to face any distress or dismay.

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